The key points of buying children’s underwear

1. Buying the clothes with fine workmanship

Different from the adults’ clothes, the children’s underwear puts the comfort and safety first. Generally, the children’s underwear attaches importance to the body characteristics, for example, children’s neck always move frequently so that their jaw and neck are easy to sweat, so the neck of clothes mustn’t be too deep. Besides, the baby’s belly is easy to catch cold, so the overlapping design of the clothes can keep baby away from cold. And the children’s underwear needs to be washed frequently, so the fine clothes can ensure the button and belt on the underwear stability and prevent the accidents of eating these little things.

 buying children’s underwear

2. Fine functions

Although the children’s underwear is small, it is various in types. There are eight kinds of underwear including long, short, robe-like, frog-like, daily wearing and sleeping wearing. When you choose them, you should take their functions into consideration.

3. Pay close attention to the details

Color: white is better

Hem: The tough hem is harmful to baby’s skin especially the oxter, wrist and so on. When you select underwear, you can feel it with your face.

Buttons and ties: The baby’s underwear had better adopt the tying types, thus the underwear can ensure the safety and cater for the body of children. You had better select the underwear with fabric buttons.

How to choose the baby clothes?

 1, Soft and tender texture

    Even though fashion is important, yet the comfortable sense if the priority. So the clothes should be soft and elastic. Some fashion material looks beautiful and wear cool, bu the texture is hard, which is not suitable for the baby to wear.

2, Dim colored clothes

   The bright colored clothes looks fashionable, but the color was printed to the clothes, and the dye is harmful for the skin, so it is best to choose light colored clothes for the baby.

baby winter indoor clothes/wear

3, Ventilated and can absorb sweat

    The skin of the baby is very tender and it needs breath and is easily to sweat, so it might as well choose the breathable and sweat-absorbing clothes. Some beautiful clothes adds a printing layer outside the clothes, which clog the space of the fiber and it will affect the breath of the baby’s skin, so don’t choose this kind of clothes for the baby.

4, Environment-friendly and low-carbon

Environment-friendly and low-carbon itself is fashion. It is not the fact that only the new clothes can make the baby handsome, the recycling use conception should be considered when designing the baby’s clothes. New doesn’t mean fashionable, and the baby clothes have no such a conception of backwater, the comfortable and environment-friendly clothes are the best.

By taking advantage of the above suggestions, you can choose comfortable and decent clothes for the baby, come to have a try by following the above ideas.

How to collocate the baby’s clothes?

1, Based on the skin color

If the skin color of the baby is a little dark, just choose some bright colors, it will make the baby more dynamic. If the skin color is blonder, it will be easy to choose the clothes, pink, yellow or red color clothes is suitable, that will make the baby vivacious and bright, even the grey and black color can make the baby pretty and chic, which can give people an impression of natural.

2, Based on figure

For the little fat baby, it might as well choose the grey, black or the blue colored clothes, because this will make the baby seems less fat; if the baby is a little thin, choose some warm colored clothes for him, such as orange, yellow, rice-white color and so on, these colors can give people an impression of passion.

wholesale baby clothes on dhgate

3, Flexible collocation

There is no fixed mode for the collocation of the baby clothes, and the staid collocation will be dull, but too many changes will be a little messy. And the best idea is to make all the colors balanced, thus we can have a comfortable visual feeling and the baby will appear vivacious and cute and brilliant.

4,Make the leisure clothes dominated

Lively and active are the features of the baby, and most of the time the baby will play around or play games, so the leisure clothes can be better. Furthermore, the baby is in the development period, the leisure clothes can be benefit the development of the baby, and it can also give people causal and comfortable feelings.


Knowledge about the baby clothes

 The wearing misunderstanding of the clothes of the baby

    Now the chill Winter si coming, don’t let the baby stay at home all the time, and it should care the clothes problem if they come out, how to make the baby to wear comfortable and warm, and can let them play freely? How to know wether the clothes is more or less? The parents have one more worry for the baby, don’t worry, as long as you have enough preparation, your baby will have a decent Winter!

baby winter coat-attention for baby clothes

Misunderstanding 1: Let the baby wear as much as clothes

    The parents will let the baby wear as much as clothes for the cold days outside, but it will affect the freedom of the body. Or even cause the baby to have sweat, and it will make them easy to have a flu.

Misunderstanding 2: Wear masks and scarf

    The parents will let the baby wear the mask and scarf in case there are virus. But actually this is ot good for the baby, even though it seclude the cold air from entering the lung, yet it deprives the baby from exercise his respiratory tract

, and reduces the immune ability.

Misunderstanding 3: Wear thick clothes when sleep

Many parents think that the baby is easy to kick the quilt so they wear the baby thick clothes when the baby is to sleep. But actually the damage is more than the advantages, it will affect the blood circulation, and the baby will feel not comfortable, so he will not get enough sleep, which will affect his development and reduces the immune ability of the skin and increase the chances to be ill.

How to Choose the Children’s Underwear?

1. Safety

Try to choose the underwear with a light color, in general, this underwear has a good color fastness. When you are choose the pure white cotton underwear, you should pay attention to that the truly natural white without the fluorescent agent, it is soft white or slightly yellow.

2. The problem of shrinking

Most of the children’s underwear are pure cotton, so you try to choose some more relaxed underwear with a low shrinkage rate, but the size should not be too large, otherwise it will affect baby’s physical activities.

How to Choose the Children’s Underwear

3. Pay attention to the clothes fixtures

Before dressing your baby, you should remove all the fixtures, including the inside and outside fixture of package, such as the various thread, needles, decorative buckles, pins, and so on.

4. Packaging

You should choose this goods which has a complete introductions and a clear annotation, this products quality is relatively assured.

At last, the newly purchased children’s underwear should be fully washed for one time before wearing, this can remove the “floating color” and most of the residual free formaldehyde, remove the attached dirty produced in the process of production and sales, so that protect your baby’s skin perfectly. It is worthing noting that when you are washing the children’s underwear, it should be separated from the adults clothes, and use the dedicated baby liquid detergent or soap powder.


Correct selection of children’s underwear

How to choose and buy 0 ~ 7 year-old children clothes? While choosing and buying you should pay attention to the following questions: first should be considered is to ensure that children wear comfortable, safe, and the design is simple, fabric soft commodities. You’d better not buy clothes with ropes. Secondly, suggest the consumers to buy the light color, pure cotton underwear as first choice. Consider clothes will shrink in the wash, it is suggested that consumers buy a bigger size specifications of the goods, so that the children can wear comfortable, and at the same time not because clothes shrink in the wash effect in use. Third, pay attention to the instructions and other relevant marks and labels while choosing.

Between the neutral PH value of textiles or weaken acid is most beneficial to human body. Not fitting the PH value of skin will harm 0 ~ 7 years old children. Shrinkage directly affects the clothes use time, directly affect the wearing.

The standard degree of marking directly affect the choice . Instructions on the use of the four samples mark is not standard: washing method of symbol of water washing label is two; Washing method of certificate and tags, durable marking label is not consistent; Standard Numbers of standards mark error; Safety technical requirements category of compulsive standard s, tagging error.


Cleaning methods of children’s sweaters

As it enters the cold winter, winter sweaters of children’s clothing have become the first choice for mothers who want to keep their children warm. It’s a rather common phenomenon that children’s clothes are easy to get dirty and for children’s sweaters, due to the special material the cleaning methods are mainly based on the instructions on the labels or caring label, and you should not wash the sweaters using machines. Generally speaking the sweaters can be washed clean while you can follow the steps to clean in case of difficult circumstances.

children’s sweaters

1. You should choose neutral detergent to prevent shrinkage and the ratio of water and detergent should be 90:1 when using the detergent.

2. If there is any smudgy situation on the outside of woolen sweater you should deal with it as the following method or sent to the dry cleaner for professional washing.

3. Squeeze and wash on serious smudgy places and gently rub other parts.

4. Woolen sweaters with multi-colors or jacquard should not be immersed and don’t wash sweaters of different colors in case the sweaters should get stained by each other.

5. First use you hand to press out the water after cleaning then use dry cloth to wrap the sweater and then press, you can also use the centrifugal dewatering machine. Bear in mind that you should put the sweater after wrapped by dry cloth before putting into the dewatering machine; and you can’t dehydrate for too long, the maximum is 1.5 minutes.





Attention to the collocation of the baby clothes alert of the four trendy collocation methods harm the baby

First, The sexy small high-heeled shoes, which can cause the malformation of the feet

Now there are many pony edition of the adult’s sexy “Tassel shoes”, “Roman shoes”, “fish mouth shoes” for the baby, thus may make the baby very trendy, but most parents ignore the haem inside, because the baby is in the growing period and this kind of shoes can easily cause the fore rake of the body and even the outward of the bog toes, and it is easy for the baby to be fall down and sprain and it deprives the baby’s innate sports genius, so it might as well for the parents to allow the baby wear the shoes that suits his or her age.

baby clothes

Secondly, Super sunglasses, which will cause the weak sight of the baby

In the hot Summer days, the parents often have their baby wear the sunglasses, which makes the baby very popular and he will attract much attention, but if the baby wear too long the sunglasses under some dim-light circumstances, the dim light will let the pupil become big and let more ultraviolet enter the eyes and cause damage to the baby. And the macular area at the bottom of the eye will receive not enough motivation and it will affect the development of the baby, or even cause the weak sight, and there a lots of low quality sunglasses in the market, which can’t protect the eyes from the harm of the ultraviolet. So the parents should choose high quality sunglasses for their baby and choose the polarized lens, and the color of the lens should be grey or smoke color, don’t choose the yellow or the red lens.


The Selection of Children’s Sweaters

The main principle: warm, easy to put on and take off.

 The Selection of Children’s Sweaters

The sweater material often be the acrylic. when we stay in house and bedroom with a low temperature, or in the clod outdoors, the sweater is very useful.


After the children getting up, the sweaters can be wore inside the other clothes or outside to increase the temperature, of course, in the special cold weather, you can let you baby sleep with sweaters.


Choose the children’s sweaters, you should pay attention to: the neckline of sweater should be enough elastic, so that it is convenient to put on and take off, or the shoulder should left a slits, and nail the snap fastener or solid button on it.






How to dress children when you go out in winter?

cotton padded clothes

1. Dress baby closefitting clothes

Some mothers only dress their baby the weight coat for warmth because they think that baby will sweat a lot due to nonstop playing and will make their underwear wet. However, they don¡¯t know the soft cotton underclothes are not only sweat-absorbent but also can maintain the air around the skin.

2. Prepare an airy cotton-padded clothe

It is easy and convenient to be taken and can keep baby warm preferably than many thick clothes as well as fend off the cold wind.

The airy cotton-padded clothe can absorb more air because there are bulk cotton between the external and internal layer different from children¡¯s sweaters. The heat given out by skin will first penetrate through the inner layer and then permeate into the middle cotton and then is absorbed and kept by air around skin. Besides, the outer layer will prevent the cold air. All these functions make the cotton-padded clothe have better warmth.

3. Mothers shouldn¡¯t dress baby sweaters backwards

The sweaters are usually made of raising knitted fabric which is very soft, bulk and warm. Sometimes mothers dress their baby sweaters backwards. However, if the sweaters are worn backwards the fluff will be stuck together and become stiff due to sweat and sebum. If you exert yourself to rub them, the sweaters will be so worse that the property of warmth keeping will weaken.